February 14 - 16, 2019



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We are a people spread across the world with a passion for helping others see Jesus as love, and to see themselves through God's eyes of love.

What We Do

Blue Flame Ministries provides demonstrative teaching on the truth, authority, and power of Christ, and prayer for individuals both in person, and over the internet. There are several schools and marriage ministries offered each year. We support our local communities with ministry for the homeless, and prayer over the land at the regional and national levels worldwide. Our story is found in two books, "Terraforming For the Kingdom," (also known as Terra4ming) and "Cessor Journeys,” and continues with each sequel published annually. This website has free audio, video, and documents to help you learn more.

When & Where?

On December 31, 2013 God fulfilled a vision that He gave us years ago of land with trees, grassland, and a river running through it. Most of our events are held at Arubbah (Hebrew for ‘floodgate’), a stretch of approximately 310 acres (125 hectares) in southern Tulsa County of the State of Oklahoma, USA.
Every Tuesday we hold a night of worship and prayer at Arrubah // We have prayer appointments every friday and saturday // In August we will hold our annual August Rush Reunion // More Events >


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On (MARCH 30, 2018) In the pause of prepare for Passover, I found “On Your Mind” (Awe Chris Stewart) my Pesach passage. Blood stained brow. Bride on your mind. Love spilled out. Sown in the ground. Lungs fought for life, as your heart slowed down. I was on your mind in your darkest hour. Even then, I was on your mind. The world fell apart that night and you were there. Judgement came for me that night and you met it there. This. This moment. Not a simple trade at a rugged tree. Not just brokered blood, bound for debt. For ‘on’ is more than a layered transparency that allows what is at the surface to be seen. So much more than tattooed skin, etched with our excess. A more dire degree than dust swept away with broken breath. For it was not our sin that was applied, but our selves. A people seizing salvation, without the knowing of our need. We, not upon His skin, but beneath it.

He could not simply accept our sin upon Him. Our anchored Advocate had to become the scandal. Had to be with us at its very inception. At the crest of of crime.
He Needed to be at sin’s surface. At the origin of our offense. A participant as if it was His wrong, because we are His right. In order to never be separated, He was God with us, even then. We, the wretched we, filled every sense of Him. He saw, smelled, tasted and felt weighted into Him; the shame, the remorse, the resist, the regret. Invaded to His entirety, He clung. To us. Our...
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Cessor Journals | March 31, 2018